Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Half Scale Sculpture

56", 1/2 scale gun. Full scale dimensions would equate to 11"-0 x 18" x 3".
Balsawood, with Peruvian walnut and white maple center T-band stringer done in a chevron pattern bordered by 1/16" cedar. Side stringers are Peruvian walnut, maple and redwood.
4 oz glass.
Center Logo is purple abalone and silver lip clam shell.
Custom stand is African mahogany, cherry and pauduk.

Fin: Lace sycamore over Peruvian walnut.

Purple abalone, white silver lip clam shell.

Lamination. 4 oz. Ready for hot coat.


Daniel said...

JC, beautiful work as always! Aloha, Daniel

Doc said...

Could a 1/2 scale human charge 1/2 sized bombs on that or what?