Saturday, February 7, 2009

8-0, 21st Century, Simmons interpretation

This board was originally ordered by a friend in N. Carolina. He had ridden a 7'4" board of Corky Carrols when he was in Cabo. He said Corky's twin fin looked like a longboard with the back half cut off...but it was fun to ride. He had also just read TSJ's article about RK, Bauguess and the min-simms. We talked about what else he wanted in the board and I ordered a 9-3Y blank with some x-tra nose rocker so I could take the 8-0 template out of it and still have a little rocker.
When he found out how much it cost to ship the board to the east coast he changed his mind.
No Biggy.....but by that time I was too interested in the board to let it go. I went ahead and made this Simmons-ish 8'0" for myself to ride. It has a transitional rail, hard up-rail nose to hard down-rail tail like the original simmons and a wide round-diamond tail. The rest is pretty modern. It has a single-into double bottom. It will have a set of single-foil twins and a small center stabilizer fin placed about 2-1/2" up from the tail. The twins + 1 set up is out of some really cool redwood lace burl. The board is being glassed with a transparent cranberry tint both sides, at Moonlight Glassing of course. I'll keep ya posted.