Thursday, March 19, 2009

Simmons keels for France

My friend, Renaud Cardinal of UWL Surfboards in France is doing a series of Mini-Simmons boards. I was stoked to get to do the double-foil, Simmons templte keel sets for him. Renaud left the wood selection up to me. I sent him 2 old school plywood sets and 3 in various exotic / premium woods. UWL builds some great boards over there. I'm anxious to see these boards when they are done. I will post them when the photo's show up.

(5) for France
Indonesian (Bali) Leeche wood

Brazilian walnut
California Redwood lace burl


Francesco said...

Those are insane!

tom said...

hi my name is tom ,and i am the new owner of a mini simmons with those fins and i must say that these are just wonderful
i feel so lucky!!!!!!!