Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New BNR (balsa noserider) for Francesco From John Cherry and Terry Martin

Francesco's Balsa Nose Rider clamped up, ready for first glue-up. The red circles indicate where the board will be spot glued so it can be taken apart and chambered after rough shaping.

The BNR rough shaped by T Martin at Hobie. Ready to take apart and chamber.
Weight at this stage: 33lbs

FD's BNR in JC's shop, chambered by JC. Ready to re-glue and finish shape.

T. Martin finish-shaping FD's BNR in his home shaping bay in San Clemente, CA.

Hobie's head shaper, Terry Martin with FD's finished shape. Finished weight: 16.5 lbs

J. Cherry pivot fin for FD's BNR; African mahogany, flame maple, Peruvian walnut.

FD's BNR in the laminating room at Moonlight Glassing, waiting for a rudder.

Francesco setting up the "Balsa Blade" for a little tube excursion. near Bari, Italy.

Francesco DiTommaso, near Bari Italy, setting up for a nose glide across an empty section on the 10-0 "B B" that I built and shaped for him in the summer of '08.
See you this summer!

Aloha Grasshopper.


Anonymous said...


ps - if those are Italian waves, sign me up!

Francesco said...

They are!