Wednesday, July 1, 2009

SIMM-21's (21st century Simmons)

After 31 years of shaping, I have created my first "model" series........The SIMM-21.
check it out! The shape translates well from 8'0" on down. Here is an 8-0, a 7-2 and a 6-3. Owners are Frank Cherry from I.B., Warren Canada form Jacksonville and Morgan Smith, Windansea local. I have gotten back glowing reports from Frank and Morgan. I think Warren is still waiting for surf (it is Florida). These boards are superb in everything from minimal size and poor conditions to overhead, lined-up point breaks. They catch waves extremely well. They have superb hull speed, carrying the speed through the flats and long cut-backs. And they are delightfully maneuverable. All boards are 100% hand-shaped.

Morgans board; Fins are koa, lace sycamore and maple. the twins are single-foil. The trailer fin is a small, double-foil, Simmons-template. It adds great stability and tail drive.
Diamond tail
Subtle single-into-double concave bottom.
Transitional rail line; hard up-rail at the nose to hard down-rail through the tail.
The subtle step deck is reminiscent of the original Simmons boards. it fits well into the wave face and lightens up the nose.
The Winged Simm-21 logo, each done by hand, signifies each model.
Warren chose a shell inlay to back the standard Cherry Surfboards logo.
The standard Simm-21 model is glassed with double 6oz on the deck and single 6oz on the bottom. They are very sturdy while remaining fairly light. 1/4" cedar stringer, solid tint on both sides, custom glass-on fins, glossed and polished finish and a glass leash tab are included.
Price: $895-$925
Turn-around time: 6 weeks (max)


Chuck Z. Vespucci said...

Congrats! The boards look GREAT!

Francesco said...

The more I see'm, the more I like'm. Too cool looking boards Bro.

redfin40 said...

I like the shapes of these Min-Sim's as they are way more streamlined than the early ones I seen and ridden. Fins are so CRUCIAL in making any board work and be fun. These boards needed to be fined right since day one...leave it to a fin maker to make a board right. Excellent job shaping and fining!!! Aloha, Daniel