Friday, December 11, 2009

Got Agave??

Last year's 6'3" fish. This years Monster Agave.
These Agave stalks range from 9' to 11'. The bases range from 10" to 14".
It appears to be all very good, stable wood. It can yield a much bigger board than the 6'-3" fish, with plenty left over. I'm waiting to see exactly what I have to work with after I have milled it all before I make a final decision on the board it will become. I will keep you posted.


Daniel said...

Those are thee largest Agave plant stalks I've ever seen..your garage must smell pretty darn musty brother...Agave has a very unique stench. Hope your surfing more and enjoying the winter season! Aloha, Daniel

JCWC said...

Danny boy, I'm cutting these outside so it's not a problem.
They are super dry......and it's is some of the best quality firm wood inside as well as huge. Aloha Bro, JC

Anonymous said...

Where are you getting your agave from?
cant wait o see what you make.

dave g