Sunday, October 10, 2010

11-0 Glider for Chris Tomlin

Pick-up Day. My young shaping apprentice, C.T. could have shaped this one himself, but he wanted one from me. The outer-space shine is from reflective tape on his USMC sweat suit. This American Hero, an E.O.D. specialist, has 4 tours in Iraq. He deserves to shine!

Glassing: by Michael Miller Surfboards
dbl 8oz volan both sides + 8oz volan deck patch.
Fin: 10" flex, 12" up. Finnish ply with sapele veneer.
Aloha C.T. JC

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Roach said...

John, C.T. is worthy of your compliments! Wish I wasn't on the east coast so I could surf more with him.

He looks pretty dam stoked to me in that pic. Love the 3" balsa ctr stick too. Beautiful work!!