Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Custom 9'-8" chambered balsa for Bobby "diamonds" Donnelly

I built and shaped this 9'-8", 21 lb, chambered balsa longboard for myself a few years ago.  I was very happy to pass it on to my good buddy and shaping apprentice, Big "D".  (OK...ex-shaping apprentice.  He's making great boards on his own now)  Bobby is one of our "wounded warriors".  He is very active in the camp that introduces wounded warriors to surfing as a therapeutic sport.  Big D still maintains a truly positive attitude about his own recovery and that of others.  He has a huge heart.......and post-bk amputation, He still surfs better than most.   He makes me really proud to be his friend.
Aloha Big D


Gallagher Wood Surfboards said...

That is so killer...good for you John...bet he's stoked!

Dirty Hippy said...

Hey JC! beautiful work as always! Aloha! Andrea

Kevin Hakney said...

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