Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pigs a Pair-9'8" and 9'10" Modern pigs headed for Japan

I built and shaped these two Pigs for Yuichi Imai of .  The clear volan 9-10 is for Dan and the pink volan 9-8 is for Ruichi.  They are on their way to Japan.  Dan and Ryuichi wanted me to do a "modern" version of the pig.  It didn't require much changing.  The template and 50/50 rails are true to the originals.  I simply added some subtle rocker, moved the fins up a couple inches and per request, added shallow, blended nose concave.  The 3" balsa stringers are chambered.

Thanks Yuichi, Dan and Ryuichi.  I had a blast building and shaping these boards.    Aloha,  JC