Monday, June 10, 2013

Simm-21 # 50!

When I designed and shaped the first Simm-21 (21st century Simmons) for myself in January of 2009 and then rode it, I realized that I had put together a magic combination.  As a few others began to notice it I started receiving an order here and there for the model, all resulting in rave reviews after friends and customers rode theirs.  Amazingly, and by word-of-mouth promotion alone, I have just built the blank for #50......With numbers 51 thru 54 sitting in the shop waiting to be shaped. 

I wanted to do something special to recognize board #50 in my Simm-21 series.  Simm-21 # 50 is a 7'-2".
It has (8) blue-weight foam sections between ultra-light balsa rails, all separated by (9) 1/12" Cedar stringers.
I will no doubt be kicking myself while I am shaping this multi-sectioned, different density blank that I glued up, but I think it will be pretty cool when it's done.
Ready to Shape! 

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