Friday, August 2, 2013

Quad Sets Available at Mitch's North in Solana Beach

I just delivered new quad sets to Mitch's Surf Shop in Solana Beach.  Below, center are AK-4's.  L and R are (2) sets in a template that I did for Thomas Campbell and Danny Hess a couple years ago.  Both called it a "magic" fin set.
Below; AK-4's 
More Marine Ply:  Mitch's also has some great twin keel sets available.  In a few days they will also have some popular "D" templates for longboards and Nuueva noserider glass-on single fins available.
Aloha!  JC


Holly Yang said...

Beautiful as always, JC!

MDF Board said...

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plcasey1 said...

I really need a twin set!

Rowade Surfboards said...

You have given a new avatar to piece of wood by converting it into surfboards. It is very hard to believe that these surfboards are made of wood.