Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Finz

Three new fins this week:

Chris Young's "D" template fin will have a 1/2" bead and be laid up for a center box.
Woods: Quilted maple, Chechen. Flame maple, Redwood pin lines.
It will be going in a Jim Phillips Balsa longboard.

"D" template. This fin will be a glass-on with a 5/8" glass bead. It is for a future balsa board.
Wood: Solid fiddle-back figuered Hawaiian koa.
This fin will be a framed art piece for my friend and guitar teacher, Jerry McCann.
Woods: Agave, Balsawood and PU faom.


Felipe Siebert said...


Steve PP said...

These are BEAUTIFUL John!

Can you tell me if the Cherry 8-0 Simmons you made with the trailer fin would work as a 10ft or longer, maybe 10-6" or 11' ?

They fascinate me , and I'd love to try one out.

Thanks for sharing!

JCWC said...


The Simm 21 is a lightened-up, modernized interpretation, based on the original Simmons boards.

This particular model seems to translate best at 8-0 and under. Most of the one I am making are in the 6-6 to 7-2 range. I've done some 5-10's and 6-3's as well. everybody raves about their wave-catching ability and performance. I'm sure a 10-0 version would be a fun board, but it would lose the high-performance, fish characteristics it has in the shorter lengths. it would also lose some of the hull speed that the shorter versions definately have when the design goes over 8-0.