Friday, November 20, 2009

Reproduction Simmons Boards in Action

9'0" Bob Simmons "spoon" reproduction by Terry Martin and John Cherry. Bottom has slight V off of the tail, zero concaves. Finished weight: approx. 22 lbs.

Richard Kenvin on the 9-0 Simmons. Big Wednesday, LaJolla, Dec. '05
9-0 Simmons. Big right. Big Wednesday. LaJolla, Dec. '05
10-0 Bob Simmons "Spoon" reproduction by T. Martin and John Cherry. Bottom: 7' of center concave out the back. Twin Keels. Finished weight: 32 lbs.
10-0 Simmons. Justin Phillips. Cardiff reef, Nov. '08


Steve PP said...

Thanks for posting these John!
Great photos!, and good to see the board in action.

Real Jersey said...

Beautiful craftsmenship . I've often looked at the Simmons and wondered how user friendly they are to ride , would love to find out one day . They look like they go great in the photo's.