Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Great Gliders!

 "Big Steve" Schirmacher with his 12' 2" Skip Frye and his 12' 0"  Marc Andreini

 Great templates on both of these superb boards, but quite different.
 The Frye is a classic, Southern California glider, the Andreini; shaped for Santa Cruz and parts north.
 10 years ago, this 12' Andreini spear wouldn't be called anything but a gun.  Steve is no stranger to big surf, but says he gets tons of enjoyment, ripping on this and a few of  his other similar gliders in medium sized San Diego surf and even on smaller days when a little extra board comes in handy.
L-R, Tim Elsner, Marc Andreini and Steve Schirmacher.
Last year Tim scored two 12'+ Clark Foam Blanks that Marc used to shape these for Tim and Steve.

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