Tuesday, January 18, 2011

(2) really "Choice" 11'-0" Gliders

Steven Schirmacher with his (2) new, 11'0", fish-Simmons style gliders by Rich Pavel
Glassing:  Michael Miller http://www.mmillersurfboards.com/
Fins: J. Cherry
 I was truly stoked when Big Steve brought these by for me to have a look.   Photos don't do these incredible boards justice.  Like all of Rich's boards,  the shapes on these are true perfection of form and function.  The pale-yellow board has very subtle concave under the forward trim position, transitioning into a flatter mid-section, with flat "v" through the tail.  it is fitted with a single box.  Nose to tail it has a general down-railer profile.  The lime green one has very subtle, single-into-double bottom, with a sleek, more-neutral rail  profile and is fitted with a glass-on tri-fin set that I had the pleasure of making.
 Michael Millers glass jobs on these are beautiful, sturdy and flawless.....as usual.
 I made the tri-fins of solid flame maple, simple and elegant by the natural beauty of the wood.  The lime green Steven chose makes any wood look great, especially the lighter maple.

 No logo lams on these two customs, just Rich's artful signatures on the blanks.
My thanks to Big Steve and Rich for inviting me ho have a small hand in the creation of these superb boards.
Aloha Guys,       JC

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