Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finland Ply Glass-ons for T.Martin Longboards

 10.0 pivot fin and 10.0 raked, flex fin. ready to laminate.
The pivot fin will go on a Terry Martin Shapes, 10'0", square-tail noserider.
The Raker fin will be going on a Terry Martin, 10'0"  One-Fin-Pin.

 The raker fin is laminated with 3 layers of 6oz cloth, both sides, with a healthy bead, to stiffen it's flex-release properties.
 The pivot fin is laminated with 2 layers of 6 oz, fitted with a similar bead.
(2) Ready to glass-on and headed to Moonlight Glassing.    
These two boards will be an addition to "Big Steve's" already-amazing quiver.

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