Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Work, 11/2012 to 4/2013

It seems as if I get around to posting only once every 3 or 4 months.  Truth is, I find it difficult to sit down at the computer because when I'm there....nothing is getting done in the shop.  I promise to try and get to it more often (Honest).
Here are some projects from the last 4-5 months.  Thanks for looking.

5-Fin Bonzer set for ron Reid
Wood: Primavera (central Mexico)

I finally built a handplane for myself!
Woods: Balsa, Redwood and Maple stringers.
Glassed with 1 layer of standard 4oz. 

8'-0" fun board for my good buddy, Kevin Dotson.
Low rocker, shallow, double-into-single concave bottom

7'2" Simm-21 for Diarmaid O'Culain of Ireland

Fin set woods: Mahogany and Primavera

2 Primavera "D" fins, one for riding, one for admiring.

Above; Glass-on  Below; glossed, polished and framed.
Inlay wood: Imbuya. 

Finnish Birch, single foil keels for Florian.
'07 Pavel/Cherry Template.

7.0 Bonzer box for Scott Campbell.

9'0" Pig for Akimasa in Japan.
3" chambered Balsa stringer

9'6" classic longboard for Kiyotaka of Japan
Fin woods for Kiyotaka: African mahogany, flame maple, peruvian walnut, purpleheart.

9-2 Simm-21 Pelican Glider for Bruce Cochrane. 

This was a 50th birthday present to my buddy Bruce from his wife.

10.0" Greenough template box fin for Michael Tully of New Jersey.

A random shop shot

Tri-fin set for an Al Merrick gun.
This particular gun by Al was shaped from solid Sequoia redwood, 4000 years old.Larry Fuller and Al Merrick are doing a limited series of these Sequoia Redwood boards.
the center wood in this set is from the same Sequoia wood.
Other woods: Sinker redwood, dredged from a Northern Ca. river and white  maple. 

8.5 Frye template box for Thomas Campbell.

AK-4 set for Dave Mills.
They look right at home, and a ton of fun on the board Dave shaped for himself.

Simm-21 sets for Diarmaid O'culain and Dave Golden of Ireland
Woods: L; figured zebrawood,  Maple and Peruvian walnut.  R; Primavera and mahogany. 

Glass-on keels for Mitch's Surf Shop, Solana Beach.
L; single-foil Pavel fish template.  R; double-foil Simmons template. 

Matching "D" fin and tail block for Keith Melville.
Woods:  Imbuya (Brazilian walnut) and quilted maple.

Tri-fin set for Frank "Lil Bro" Cherry.
Wood:  Birdseye maple.

Getting help gluing up Akimasa's black pig from my good friend and apprentice, Francesco DiTommaso.
Fin woods:  redwood burl and flame maple. 

Tailblock close-up, Kiyotaka's 9'6" longboard. 

Me.......Just workin'. 

That's all for now Folks!
more new posts comming in the next few days!
Aloha,  JC

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Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure to cruise on over to the site and see what's new out there my friend. Keep up the amazing work and I know I am happier you're working in the shop rather than at the computer. Thanks for the inspiration as always. Aloha, Geoff