Monday, May 13, 2013

Wood Bling

This tri-fin set will go on an Al Merrick gun for Larry Fuller, but not just any gun.  This gun is shaped from solid Sequoia Redwood.  Larry procured the wood and Al is the shaper.  The wood for the board is from a 4000 year old Sequoia redwood that feel in the late 50's or early 60's.  The permit to mill and remove the lumber from the fallen tree was issued in 1962.  It was the last permit of its kind to be issued in the redwood forest.  When this tree was alive and standing it was taller than both the general Sherman and the President trees which are currently the tallest trees in the redwood forest.
Template: C.I. Gun  
Woods:  Redwood burl, Quilted maple with pinlines of Flame koa and redwood burl veneers.

The set below is for another Al Marrick / Larry Fuller Sequoia Redwood gun.  This Particular board was shipped to Washington D.C. to be auctioned off at a special event benefiting the Wounded Warriors Foundation.
Woods: Redwood burl, quilted maple, Flame koa veneer.

Two Simm-21 fin sets.
The first set is for an 8'2" Simm for Dan Wenger from L.A.  The board will have a 4" balsa stringer, opaque resin panels in a light bronze tone outside of the stringer, separated by 1/8" black resin pinlines.

This second set is for a 7'6" Simm for Geoff Bergen in Bristol Connecticut.
The board will have a 1/4" cedar stringer and a full tint in California gold.

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