Saturday, January 16, 2010

6'3" Simm-21 for CK

This 6-3 Simm-21 is for Cary Kinkead, a Windansea area local. I guess he heard Morgan Smith's report after Morgan returned from Mainland Mexico where he rode his Simm 21 (also 6-3)on
Big, beautiful, lined-up point breaks. He had to order his own. This one will be tinted coke-bottle green. Michael Miller is glassing it for us.

Fins: Imbuya (Brazilian walnut) and figuered white ash.

Each Simm-21 gets a hand-drawn Simm-21 logo on the bottom.
Aloha Cary.


Deirdre said...

These are beautiful! I hope to own one in the near future.

pjw said...

hi, beautiful lines in the 6'3" simmons, any chance of a template file? spread the joy of the simmons i reckon.