Saturday, January 23, 2010

Richard Kenvin~Film maker, Test pilot, Historian

Wednesday, January 20th. Richard Kenvin streaking under a double-overhead lip at La Lolla shores. He is riding a 7-2 Carl Ekstrom asymmetrical rocket. RK frequently test pilots Carl's innovations.
RK same day same board................ just deeper.
Amazingly, the following surf shot at the La Jolla cove is RK, same day, different spot, different board. He is riding the 10-0 Bob Simmons reproduction that Terry Martin and I built in May, '08.
Original, early-50's, Bob Simmons, twin-keel spoon. This one is white over solid balsa. I'm not sure about his particular board, shown here at the Oceanside Surf Museum, but in the early-50's many balsa boards were painted simply for UV protection.
Terry's shaping bay at Hobie. T. Martin and J. Cherry studying photos of several Original Simmons boards before T. Martin puts the planer to my close-to-shape blank to finish the 10-0 reproduction board.

Finished reproduction; 10'0" Simmons twin-keel spoon. 7' of parallel center concave in the bottom.
Jan. 20th, 2010. RK on the 10-0 at La Jolla Cove. I love how this take-off shot puts a measure to the wave against the 10'0" board and how it shows the paddle power and early-entry capabilities of the design. RK makes it look effortless. With the twin keels set back on the corners, the center concave and the 32 lb. weight of the board, it would like to have a mind of its own when it comes to picking a line. Riding it requires some forceful input at times. RK does it as well as anyone. La Jolla shots were courtesy of RK and his photo crew.