Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Reverse "D" for a "Pickle" Warren One-Fin-Pin

This Reverse "D" fin is going on Francesco's 9'-6", Hobie, Tyler Warren, One Fin Pin, shaped by Terry Martin. The board will have opaque, eggplant-purple rails and a creme panel down the center of the Two outboard-set cedar stringers, with some of Pickle's incredible line-drawing art in black on the bottom. The fin should set it off just right.
Cheater-coated, ready for Laminating.
Woods: Jatoba figured crotch wood, quilted maple, white flame maple, black ebony and pruple-heart.
Laminated, 3 layers of 6 oz both sides with a 1/2"-5/8" glass bead.
Bagged and ready for a trip to Moonlight Glassing. The finished board is going to be INSANE!!
Stay tuned.

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