Sunday, March 7, 2010

Glass-Ons for Phil Edwards

2 of 5 glass-on single fins for Phil Edwards. Phil was enticed to come out of shaping retirement to do a very limited series of solid redwood longboards. I was absolutely honored to be invited to do the fins for this limited series. These two are laminated, beads ground to shape, ready to glass on. They are a tad rough-looking at this stage, but will be pure in form (Phil's Template), clean and beautiful when they are finished. Woods: Old growth redwood, reclaimed from a defunct , Northern California winery, Lace sycamore (diamond) and maple pinlines.

I also had the pleasure of presenting Phil with a special fin I made a few years ago, inspired by a Grannis Photo, which exalts a legend, a legendary label and a popular board model of the early 60's. Phil will always remain as one of my most admired and personally influential figures in surfing history.

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WarrenC said...

man, your blog just gets better and better; sure hope we get to see these "Phil's" when they are completed