Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A New Request........6'5" Simm-21 Quad Fish

Dan Stupar called me last month and asked if I would do a Simm-21 for him, but change it up a a fish with a quad set-up. Heck, why not? the board is getting a Michael Miller ultra-violet full tint glass job as I am composing this. This one will absolutely RIP.


Steve PP said...

This looks fantastic! I'm a big guy weighing in at 230 pounds, I like the look of this shape, would it work as a 9ft model? I'm used to 10'6''/ 11' boards.

Thanks for sharing!

JCWC said...


The Simm-21's top out at about 8-0 max and still retain their designed performance charatceristics. But.....I actually think this Simm-fish version would work very well as a 9-0. JC

Steve PP said...

Thanks for your reply. The Simm-Fish idea sounds interesting, have you already shaped any of these?

6ftnperfect said...

that board is going to be siiiiiick!

WarrenC said...

this will be one to watch!

JCWC said...

Steve, I haven't translated this exact shape into a 9-0, but my many years of surfing / shaping intuition tell me that this one would work..............really well. I'm not pushing boards here. That's just a straight up impression about the board shape and the size that interests you.

Warren C, Good to hear from ya!!!