Friday, March 19, 2010

Yearwood Surfboards Logo Fin

Dave Yearwood called me a couple months ago and asked if I would do one of my framed fins with his logo incorporated in it. I told Dave to think about what kind of template he wanted me to do. Dave decided on the Single-foil flex keel template from his 2008 "Dream Board", a special personal board for Dave that he designed and shaped with the collaboration of Skip Frye, Dave "Rasta" Rastovich, Greg Eavy, his wife Cathy and me. Dave and I designed a set of flex keels for the board. I built a set for Dave and a set for Rasta. (See; Dream Board, Nov 2008 post).
Dave picked the template and left the art approach up to me. It is en route via UPS as I am writing this. I hope he doesn't check my blog before he gets it..........and I hope he likes it!
Aloha Dave, JC

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