Wednesday, June 30, 2010

9'7" ~ '62 Hobie Reproduction-Ready for the glasser

This is a US Blanks, Green Weight, 9-9B Blank with a chambered, ultra-light, 3" balsa stringer. I lowered the nose rocker to resemble my original Hobie, but left some tail rocker in it so it would turn a bit better than the original.
Rail. Deck and bottom contours are pretty much spot on to the original.
I'm expecting a 22 lb (+-) board after glassing; Double 6oz. both sides.

This one will get a full tint, a very light Mango (gold-ish yellow). It will have deck panels on each side of the stringer outlined in 2-tone purple, double pinlines.

Glasser: Michael Miller

This is the D fin for her, Figured Jatoba crotch wood, 1/2" bead, set 2-1/2" up.

This board is for sale when finished: $1200 I will post finished photos in about 2-3 weeks.

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Armando said...

Mamma mia, incredibile...