Sunday, June 13, 2010

BIGGER WOOD ~ 9'7" 1962 Hobie template

Last Summer, Francesco and I built and shaped his, a 9-6 reproduction of my '62 Hobie.
This summer I'm doing Mine, a 9-7.....with a tad more wood.
3" balsa stringer 9-9B rocker (lowered). The wood is already ultra-light, but I'm using a green weight blank. So I chambered it anyway.
The tape line indicates the final shaped dimension of the blank. Plenty of room left for strength.

The glue-up.
My 9-7, template cut and ready to shape. 22" at the wide point.
Summer '09. Francesco's 9-6 with my '62 Hobie 9-6.


Mr. Black said...

holy fuck shit!

JCWC said...

I was thinking about switching gears and putting my pig template that is similar to Blacks VJ balsaon the blank.
But I originally ordered this blank with this Hobie reproduction in mind. The blank isn't wide enough in the tail to do the pig right. So i guess the one was meant to be.

Armando said...

Mammamia che spettacolo...