Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Handgun ~ Get Back Joe Joe

One of my favorite surf-chicks, Holly Yang, asked me to build a handplane for her boyfriend Joe's Birthday (Lucky Joe......on many levels). This is what I came up with.
2 tones of balsa wood with cedar stringers
17-1/2" x 9" , Subtle concave bottom starting about 3/4 up, rolled nose rocker.
Finish: 4 coats resin, 1 laminating/styrene 50-50 cheater-coat, 1 straight laminating, 2 hot-coat sanded in between. final wet-sand to 2000.
For deck traction I sprayed 2 coats of "Monster Paint" clear deck grip. in a hand-shaped pattern under the strap.
The neoprene-padded, nylon strap is adjustable for size by changing to a different hole in the strap.
The straps are held by stainless allen-head bolts threaded into blind nuts that are epoxied into the deck. I had a blast building this one. I know it's going to be a ton of fun. I have a few more under construction.........including one for myself. Aloha Holly and Joe


6ftnperfect said...

that shot of the bottom looks like a killer paipo

Holly said...

Joe loves it! Thanks John!