Friday, July 2, 2010

9-7 Pig for Bobby Donnelly

This 9-7 Pig looks like it came out of a professional shaping bay. it did, Mine.
But I didn't shape it. This is Bobby Donnelly's 1st shape (really).

Bobby and I laid out the template. Then after a few instructions and some dry passes with the planer, I turned him loose on it. With a minimum of verbal assistance throughout the process, this is what he shaped. Glassing: Michael Miller
We took a few modern liberties with the rocker, keeping the nose low and lifting the tail a tad.
Bobby likes the tip time, so he did a super subtle concave under the nose.
I made this balsa (main wood), agave (dark points) and foam Reverse "D" fin a while back.
I knew it would find the right home. I was stoked to give it to Bobby for his first shaped board.
Board report from Bobby after the first session; A SUPERB RIDER. Good job Big D!!