Sunday, February 27, 2011

Art About Art

Steve Schirmacher recently aquired this cool, 6-9, Skip Frye fish with Thomas Campbell artwork.
He asked me to build a vertical stand for it so it could be enjoyed in his home.
This is what I designed and built for him.
Woods: African Mahogany  and Parota (the base).


Greg Landers said...

I have a 70's style single fin I shaped for my wife and I for our wedding, it has our photos glassed into it and everyone at the wedding signed it. I'd like to display it on the wall in our house, and preferably it would be mounted vertically on the wall, bottom facing out and it does have a glassed on fin. What would you charge for some cherry wall board mounts? Thanks, Greg

Dirty Hippy said...

Radical JC! Your work continues to inspire me! Dre