Friday, February 18, 2011

Lotta Fins Goin' Off = Too Busy To Blog

Business in February has been keeping my head down, bustin' out fins (a good thing).

 Terry Martin shapes X2 for Big Steve.  One-fin-Pin (L) and a classic noserider (R)
10" Cherry flex template for the OFP and a 10" pivot for the noserider.
 JC quads for the 7'5" and 7'11" T. Martin round-pins below.
T. Martin quads for Big Steve, sitting at Moonlight, waiting for cloth, fins, and color.
 Reverse D template.  Figured crotch Jatoba. Laminated ready to glass on.
                   9.5" lacewood fin.  This one is going on a T. Martin 10' balsawood Legacy Model.

 Center Box Fins!  Check it out.  These (3) are For sale;  Tattoo $265, Reverse D, $245, Bonzer $175
(plus Ca. state tax)  No Charge for local shipping.
 9.5" flame Maple.     Tatoo designs are woodburning and watercolor on a fine-sanded wood surface.

 Reverse D, full template.   Woods:  Imbuya (Brazilian walnut) and inlaid diamond of basketweave pattern, end-grain doug fir, with purpleheart border.
 All are custom fit bay hand.......Straight..........Snug.

6.5" Bonzer   woods:  Narrah and maple pinlines.

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Chuck Z. Vespucci said...

Hot Damn! I love those fins! I've never seen anyone incorporate tattoo designs on fins... that's awesome!