Tuesday, February 8, 2011

DT 7.5's For Takayama and Larry fuller

Donald Takayama and Larry Fuller brought to me one of Donald's 7.5" Fiberglass Fin Co, glass, box fins (lower right) and asked me to do (5) glass-on wood fins from the same template for some wooden boards he and Larry are doing.  I did (3) in figured zebrawood and (2) in redwood burl.  Donald asked me to do a 1/2" bead on top of the 7.5 template for the zebrawoods, slightly less on the redwoods.  Here they are.  These are laminated, ready to glass-on.  Finished height; 8.0"
 Redwood burl
 Figured zebrawood
Like all of Donald's stuff, and previous boards I have done with Larry, I'm sure these will turn out insane looking.    Stay tuned.

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Nice Rack said...

Your work is magnificent. I love the Redwood Burl. It reminds me of tortoise shell.