Wednesday, September 15, 2010

11' Chambered Balsa and Redwood Glider for Mitch

Mitch Talcove with his 11-0 glider. Mitch, a surfer and deep Mexico explorer since the 60's, owns Tropical Exotic Hardwoods of Latin America, located in Carlsbad. I get almost all of the exotic hardwoods I use from Mitch. Mitch also located and shipped up a container of superb-quality balsawood last spring when the rest of the state was completely out. I was stoked to Build and shape this board for Mitch out of some of the same wood that he brought up. Mitch, after many years of working too much and surfing too little, has decided that this is the vehicle he will use to change that pattern. This one is a rider! Mitch and his son, Marty christened it on the same afternoon that he picked it up. When one has finally worked his way to prosperity...........He can ride what ever the #*&% he wants! YOU GO MITCH!

Fin set woods: Old-growth heart and figured redwood and flame maple.
Nose and tail blocks: Laminated maple and peruvian walnut, capped with redwood lace burl.

Nose block

Dimensions: 11.0 x 23-1/4" x 3-1/4" ~ Weight: 31lbs
Glassing: By Michael Miller Surfboards; double 6oz both sides.

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Holly said...

Absolutely beautiful!