Saturday, September 25, 2010

Custom #2 for Tyler Olson

Tyler's #1. I built and shaped this board for Tyler in January, '09. Tyler ordered it to celebrate the birth of his #1 son and to eventually pass on to him. (Pretty Freakin' cool!). This 9'4" has an agave and redwood T-band and 1/4" outboard redwood stringers .
We did a custom fin, nose block and tail block for it.

Tyler's custom #2. Tyler just ordered a similar board to celebrate son #2. This 9'0" I just glued up for him has a 2" agave and 1/8" cedar T-band and narrow t-bands 6-3/4" out from the T-band. This one will be very similar, but I will change up the fin and tail block designs.

#2: She's templated and ready to shape T.O. as soon as I build the fin, none block and tail block.
I'll keep you posted!
Aloha, JC


Tomas Oberst Kadgien said...

wow, wow and I say wow !!!

Tyler said...

I showed this to Edward and he said: "waaa blaaarghhaarrgh dadadada!"

I think that means he's happy with how it's coming along.