Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Aloha Till Next Summer Grasshopper

Susan and I always hate saying goodbye to Francesco DiTommaso, his wife, Manuela and daughter, Vittoria. They spend 8 weeks here every summer, but it's never long enough.
Francesco shapes in Italy. But he always takes a couple new boards back to Italy with him
(plus a blank or two to shape) This year it was a 9'6", Hobie, Tyler Warren, One-fin-Pin and
a 10' chambered balsa nose-rider that Terry Martin and I built and shaped for him.

Terry, JC, and Francesco at the Hobie factory. Tyler Warren One Fin Pin

10-0 chambered balsa ~ 9-6 OFP

Francesco "Grasshopper" DiTommaso~riding my 10-0 balsa Simmons at Terramar

Perched on the OFP-Terramar

Ciao Fratello. See ya next summer. JC

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