Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Fish for Kaleb

When Kaleb Shirmacher told his dad, Steve that he wanted to start surfing with him, Steve came to me for Kaleb's first board. Steve gave me some basic parameters and I put together this killer, 6-0, High performance but user friendly fish. Steve asked me to make some Marine ply canard quads for it. We had Michael Miller do the basic, sanded-finish, clear glass job. Steve and Kaleb took it to Scorpion Bay to christen it. Kaleb is an athletic kid, who I am sure will be as talented a surfer as his dad. What a treat and an honor to do the first board for the beginning of this young mans surfing career.

Aloha Steve and Kaleb, JC

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Francesco said...

Looks like Kaleb also has a Simmons in the van...