Monday, January 19, 2009

Custom Wall Racks

Custom wall racks.
Woods: Australian blackwood acacia (1st genetic cousin to Hawaiian Koa acacia) and cocobolo.
These will accommodate Bruce Cochrane's 70's Skip Frye single-fin gun, a family heirloom.
Aloha Bruce.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Half Scale Sculpture

56", 1/2 scale gun. Full scale dimensions would equate to 11"-0 x 18" x 3".
Balsawood, with Peruvian walnut and white maple center T-band stringer done in a chevron pattern bordered by 1/16" cedar. Side stringers are Peruvian walnut, maple and redwood.
4 oz glass.
Center Logo is purple abalone and silver lip clam shell.
Custom stand is African mahogany, cherry and pauduk.

Fin: Lace sycamore over Peruvian walnut.

Purple abalone, white silver lip clam shell.

Lamination. 4 oz. Ready for hot coat.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"The Greatest shaper on the planet"

Terry Martin, "the greatest shaper on the planet" according to surfboard manufacturing legend, Hobie Alter. Many, including me, would agree.
I had the privilage of collaborating with Terry in the summer of 2006 on making this special board at the request of Billabong president, Paul Nadae. It was the live-auction center piece for the S.I.M.A. Waterman's Ball charity auction.
I built and chamberd the blank and did the custom fin and inlayed logos for this 9-0, chambered, 7-stringer, single-fin gun. Terry put the magic into it. Moonlight Glassing did the rest.
Finished weight; approximately 19 lbs. Current owner: Paul Nadae
Peter st Pierre, owner of Moonlight Glassing outside Moonbase with the 9-0 gun.
Auction proceeds which totaled approximately $500,000 went to Ocean environment protectection charities.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

RIP Tommy Lewis

Tommy Lewis and John Cherry - Cardiff Reef-1985

It sadens me to here about Tommy. i spent many a happy morning or afternoon surfing Cardiff Reef with Tommy in the 60's, 70's and 80's. I learned a fair amount about shaping and building boards from Tommy too. Tommy cranked out a lot of great boards from his Northshore-ish shaping hut out in Olivenhain, the same place he built his glass-over wood skiffs that he made his living fishing from.

I was absolutely jazzed when I got to buy his purple lobster skiff and beach-launch trailer from him in 1986. I think he charged me about twice what it was worth. Tommy was also a wheeler-dealer. But I didn't care.

I remember standing on the beach in the late 70's, watching Tommy standing in the back of his 15' skiff (also purple)with his hand on the outboard tiller. He was racing north and south, in and out, over and through the whitewater, looking for a break in the 10'-12' mostly closeout surf, just south of Georges. It was absolutely crazy. It took him about 15 minutes.....but he made it. Tommy Lewis was the BOMB! I'll miss him.

John Cherry