Friday, July 15, 2011

Ready to Rock the Cactus ~ 8'0", 70's-Style Pipeline Gun.....Finished

It's such a trip when you go to the glasser to pick up a board that has been long and involved in the making.  You know how it will probably look.  You harvested, collected and finish-milled the precious material.  You built the blank, made and laid out the template on it and hand-shaped the board.  You are very familiar with the patterns in the wood of the board and the custom fin.   You know....pretty much....what to expect how the appearance of the finished, glossed and polished board will be.    But walking into the glass shop and laying my eye's on the beautifully finished board, the completion of a much earlier vision,  always exceeds my expectations!
I want to thank my good buddy, Michael Miller for the superb glass job that completed this project.
This boards is glassed with double 6oz on both sides.  It's very sturdy.
Finished weight:  About 14 lbs

 Agave (solid) with four 1/12" Peruvian walnut stringers.

 Abalone and silver lip clam overlay beneath the logo

 Fin woods:  Koa, Flame maple and Macassar ebony
This board will be available for sale after the Sacred Craft Exhibition at Del Mar,  Oct 8th and 9th
Hope to see you there!