Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back in the Shaping Bay.....AT LAST! New Simm-21's

This 7'-2" is Simm-21 #18.  It is getting a light-olive green tint.  The finset, done in solid Hawaiian koa, is shown below it.  Chris Tomlin has a tentative "dibbs" on this one.  If he doesn't pull the trigger, it may come up for sale. 

This is a 5'10 Simm-21, #19,  Moonlight Glassing is doing a kelp-colored tint on it.  I shaped the fin set for it out of marine ply.  (no fin pics.........use your imagination).  This one is for sale,  ready in 3-4 weeks.

 This is a 5'8" Simm-21, #20, Moonlight Glassing is doing a light, gun-metal blue tint on it.  The fin-set for it is shown below.  Wood:  figured zebra wood (zebrano).  This board will be for sale,  ready in 3-4 weeks.
The first photo shows the pencil layout I do on all the Simm-21 models to start the subtle single-inro-double concave bottom.

I'm finally getting started on some more wood boards.  More to come!     Aloha,  JC

Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Rudders for Dave "Rocket" Siteman

Dave Siteman has been infected with the shaping bug and probably will be for life.  Dave's 2nd board is a cool fish......carved exactly to his specs.  Dave came to me for the fin set for his new ride.  We chose this Channel Islands template for his single-foil keels.  Its one of the best fin templates I have ridden, plenty of area, combined with some smooth-turning, rounded trailing tips.  The fuller foil, extending well into the upper portion of the fin provides some added lift into the rocket zone.  Dave is a bigger guy who likes to use some heavy back foot control.  These should work well for him.

Woods:  Flame maple, lacewood, purpleheart and maple pinlines separate the rays.
Aloha Rocket man,       JC

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Custom 9'-8" chambered balsa for Bobby "diamonds" Donnelly

I built and shaped this 9'-8", 21 lb, chambered balsa longboard for myself a few years ago.  I was very happy to pass it on to my good buddy and shaping apprentice, Big "D".  (OK...ex-shaping apprentice.  He's making great boards on his own now)  Bobby is one of our "wounded warriors".  He is very active in the camp that introduces wounded warriors to surfing as a therapeutic sport.  Big D still maintains a truly positive attitude about his own recovery and that of others.  He has a huge heart.......and post-bk amputation, He still surfs better than most.   He makes me really proud to be his friend.
Aloha Big D

#3 for Kevin Ho, Hawaii ~ Tyler Surfboards "Zeke" template fin.

In early 2009 I made the 9.75" glass-on for Kevin and Tyler, shown in the bottom 2 photos.  It looked great on Kevin's apple-green tint, Tyler longboard.  I'm guessing it works great as well.  I just sent Kevin his 3rd version of the same fin, this 9.75" box fin. 
#3    9.75"  box fin

 #2   8.75"  box fin

 #1   9.75" glass-on fin

Aloha KH

7'2" Simm-21 for Michael Tully, New Jersey

The Simm-21's are a great board for the east-coast quiver.  The wider-overall template, hull speed and fin set-up can milk the most out of waves on the mediocre days  and they can absolutely RIP in any good surf condition.  This one is getting a light-olive green tint for Michael and the koa and peru walnut fin set in the
Hawaiian Gold post, 2 posts down.     Aloha Michael