Monday, November 30, 2009

Catch Me In Slide Magazine

With the help of Slide Magazine's Alan Ashworth, I will be reaching out a bit further with this 1/2 page ad, starting with this quarter's upcomming edition. Alan made it all the way from New Zealand to be at Sacred Craft Del Mar. Alan has been a great guy to do business with.
And I LOVE the magazine!

LokBox Quads for T. Martin's 8'2" SUP

These new JC templates are for a Terry Martin 8'2" x 30" x 4-1/2", P.U. foam stand-up-paddle surfboard. Terry's SUP shape is based on the original Simmons boards. The experimental board is fitted with a LokBox quad system........and a center fin box to allow for riding various quad setups or as a single flex fin. The SUP will be finished tomorrow (12/1). I will post some board photos when she's ready.
Woods: Brazilian walnut and Purpleheart.

Monday, November 23, 2009

J. Phillips Balsa Longboard ~ J.Cherry Custom Box Fin

Owner Chris Young from Huntington Beach sent me a photo of his new fin, installed in his Jim "The Genius" Phillips' custom longboard. I am always stoked when one of my fins gets to adorn one of Jim's creations. CHINGOW!!! what a pair these two made. Thanks Chris!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Reproduction Simmons Boards in Action

9'0" Bob Simmons "spoon" reproduction by Terry Martin and John Cherry. Bottom has slight V off of the tail, zero concaves. Finished weight: approx. 22 lbs.

Richard Kenvin on the 9-0 Simmons. Big Wednesday, LaJolla, Dec. '05
9-0 Simmons. Big right. Big Wednesday. LaJolla, Dec. '05
10-0 Bob Simmons "Spoon" reproduction by T. Martin and John Cherry. Bottom: 7' of center concave out the back. Twin Keels. Finished weight: 32 lbs.
10-0 Simmons. Justin Phillips. Cardiff reef, Nov. '08

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Venue for Art Boards

9-6 balsawood longboard and 9-0 Bob Simmons reproduction balsawood board at the Surfing Heritage Foundation in San Clemente, California.
This art collaboration by Terry Martin, John Cherry and Artist, Ric Allison will be part of the
Surfing Heritage Foundations opening inventory at the Newport Beach, South Coast Plaza, Surfing Heritage Foundation Mini-Museum and Gallery. Headed by Surfing Heritage Foundation's Dick Metz, the Gallery is scheduled to open on November 19th. we are honored to have a place there. The mini museum will display selections from the grand collection of surfboard history from the Surfing Heritage Foundation Museum in San Clemente.
In photo 1, with the inlaid art boards is Shaper, Terry Martin and Builder / Shaper, John Cherry. The incredible art inlays are by Ric Allison, noted Pennsylvania artist and Professor of Furniture design at the University of Pennsylvania.
Additional collaboration pieces are on the drawing board

New Center Box "D" Template Fin for Chris Young

This Center box "D" fin is for Christopher Young of Huntington Beach. It will be going in a Jim Phillips Blasawood Longboard. 100% hand made.
Woods: Quilted maple, Flame maple, Chechen (dark diamonds) Phillipine mahogany, California redwood pin lines.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Finz

Three new fins this week:

Chris Young's "D" template fin will have a 1/2" bead and be laid up for a center box.
Woods: Quilted maple, Chechen. Flame maple, Redwood pin lines.
It will be going in a Jim Phillips Balsa longboard.

"D" template. This fin will be a glass-on with a 5/8" glass bead. It is for a future balsa board.
Wood: Solid fiddle-back figuered Hawaiian koa.
This fin will be a framed art piece for my friend and guitar teacher, Jerry McCann.
Woods: Agave, Balsawood and PU faom.

Cherry Surfbaords Skateboard Deck

46" skateboard deck done in inlaid woods.
this incredible deck was done for me by my good friend, Ric Allison of Maker.