Saturday, April 14, 2012

Life vs Work; Working and blogging again.

Susan Martin Cherry
Nov.  1,  1943 ~ Mar. 7, 2012
Beloved Wife, Mother, Sister
I will always love you.  You will remain in our hearts forever.

Susan, Lacy and Chopper
Susan and Chopper
Susan Martin Cherry and brother, Terry Martin.  Terry's shaping room at Hobie 

Sadly, My Susan lost her courageous battle against lung cancer on March 7th of this year.  She was first diagnosed in February, 2011.  She fought to become one of the several-year survivors with a constant positive attitude and utmost dignity.   God had a different plan.  Susan was blessed with the knowledge to choose to live in the solution always, the capacity to care more for others than herself even in her darkest times and the ability to stay in the moment and enjoy each day on a daily basis as they were given to her.
I was blessed to Marry her in 1999 and spend 13 beautiful years with her.  I had hoped to have many more.
I will be in love with her always.  If God is kind I will be with her again.

With much love and aloha, John and Susan Cherry

Back to work.
8.5" Frye template box fin for Thomas Campbell

Custom keel set for Thomas Campbell ~ 80 / 20 foil

Glass-on Marine ply fins.  The smaller ones went to Mitch's in Solana beach.  I have the (3) larger ones in stock

JC custom template quad set for 7-0 long-fish
Simm-21 set s/f  keels for Wavesforever and Bruce Cochrane 
5-10 Simm-21 set for Yuichi of  Wavesforever.
American black walnut, African mahogany, white flame maple

11'-0" Cherry Surfboards fish-simmons and 10'10" Gordon and Smith for Christopher tomlin
This is the LAST G&S label board ever made.  Shaper: Steve Seabold.  Custom fins:  J. Cherry
Singlefin: lacewood     Quad set: solid curly koa

Curly koa over Baltic birch marine ply
Early Velzey~Jacobs pig template for Steve Mast.  It's now on a beautiful pig shape by Steve, headed for Japan .  African mahogany, birds-eye maple, Peruvian walnut pin lines.

7'2" Simm-21 set.  Sapele burl over Finnish birch marine ply.

10'0" Hot-Curl Blank for Terry Martin.  Balsawood and old-growth redwwood.
5'10" Simm-21 set for Yuichi of Wavesforever.
Redwood, Peruvian walnut and flame maple.  Cheater-coated, ready to laminate.