Friday, July 24, 2009

Shaping 101

FD and JC in the shop with a 9-9B green-weight US Blank, custom glued with a 1.5" balsa stringer. we lowered the nose and tail rocker to make it ready for an early 60's classic longboard reproduction. It will get a classic volan glass job and a custom glass-on "D" fin.
Francesco and I will shape this one. More "Shaping 101" experience for FD.

FD at Hobie, giving Terry Martin some advice on the finer points of shaping.....Italian style.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

10'10" Glider for Bobby "Diamond" Donnelly

This 10'10" glider was shaped out of an 11'3" D, U.S. Blanks with natural rocker.
it has a very subtle single-into-double concave bottom contour.
The quad set is single-foil x 4, out of birds-eye zebrawood.
It will be volan glassed, double 6oz deck, single 6oz glassed bottom by Moonlight Glassing.
I'm sure that everybody on the reef........except Bobby.........will view it as pretty sinister.
Aloha Bobby, JC

Friday, July 17, 2009

Italian Invasion @ Egor's

Francesco DiTommaso, from Bari Italy is a dear friend (and one of my best clients).
2 days off of the plane and not wasting any time, on the nose, sampling some California waves.

He is riding a Cherry Surfboards, 9'2", 2+1 performance longboard, his usual favorite pick out of my quiver to ride when he is here............until the surf gets good and he steps on the most recent balsa board that I have made for him.

Scroll down a few posts for a looks a the new chambered balsa 10-0 that Terry Martin and I made for him.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

SIMM-21's (21st century Simmons)

After 31 years of shaping, I have created my first "model" series........The SIMM-21.
check it out! The shape translates well from 8'0" on down. Here is an 8-0, a 7-2 and a 6-3. Owners are Frank Cherry from I.B., Warren Canada form Jacksonville and Morgan Smith, Windansea local. I have gotten back glowing reports from Frank and Morgan. I think Warren is still waiting for surf (it is Florida). These boards are superb in everything from minimal size and poor conditions to overhead, lined-up point breaks. They catch waves extremely well. They have superb hull speed, carrying the speed through the flats and long cut-backs. And they are delightfully maneuverable. All boards are 100% hand-shaped.

Morgans board; Fins are koa, lace sycamore and maple. the twins are single-foil. The trailer fin is a small, double-foil, Simmons-template. It adds great stability and tail drive.
Diamond tail
Subtle single-into-double concave bottom.
Transitional rail line; hard up-rail at the nose to hard down-rail through the tail.
The subtle step deck is reminiscent of the original Simmons boards. it fits well into the wave face and lightens up the nose.
The Winged Simm-21 logo, each done by hand, signifies each model.
Warren chose a shell inlay to back the standard Cherry Surfboards logo.
The standard Simm-21 model is glassed with double 6oz on the deck and single 6oz on the bottom. They are very sturdy while remaining fairly light. 1/4" cedar stringer, solid tint on both sides, custom glass-on fins, glossed and polished finish and a glass leash tab are included.
Price: $895-$925
Turn-around time: 6 weeks (max)