Friday, April 22, 2011

Tri-fin sets for Dick Brewer Tow-In Boards

Larry Fuller just got back from the Islands where he and Dick just build a series of solid redwood tow-in boards.  But not just any redwood.........They used Sequoia redwood milled from a 4000 year old giant Sequoia which had fallen in the giant redwood forest and river-bottom redwood which was hauled up from the riverbottom where it sank while being rafted down river to the mill many decades ago.  I used the same woods to make the fin sets for the boards.  The lighter fin sets are the Sequoia redwood,  two of which have a redwood burl ray in the centers.  The ebony colored wood is the river-bottom redwood.  this ebony tone penetrates the lumber through and through.  In this photo the fins are cheater-coated, ready to laminate.
Cant wait to see the finished boards!

Hawaiian Gold

This fin set is for a 7-2 Simm-21 that I am shaping for Michael Tully.
in this photo they are cheater-coated, ready to laminate.
Michael is going with a light-olive green tint for the board.
Woods: Hawaiian koa, maple, dark peruvian walnut.

Aloha Michael,    JC

Thursday, April 14, 2011

TBTB (Too Busy To Blog).........again!

 Here we go again.  These are projects I have been busy doing for the last 6-8 weeks. I find it impossible sometimes to get to the computer to blog on a daily or weekly basis. Here are 20 or so projects that I have been busy with since then.....and a few other interesting things my friends have had going on.

9.75 box fin fo Kevin Ho, Hawaii.  Cheater-coated, teady to laminate.  for Kevin Ho
Finnish birch quads, 1 of 2 sets for the T. Martin 7'5" and 7'11" quads shown below.
for Steve Schirmacher

9.5 glass-on for Dick Brewer Balsa longboard.  Owner: Brian Fortuna.  Curly redwood and flame maple 

Above;  10.0 pivit fin fin.  Imbuya (brazilian walnut)
Below 9.5 raker.  Old-growth redwood with maple and peruvian walnut curved t-band pinline
For Mike LaVecchia, Grain Surfboards.

Quad set for 9-0 Pavel WhaleFish.  Finnish ply with bigured bubinga veneer.  80/20 trailers.
For Cary Kinkead

 Double-foil Simmons Keels for Marc Andreini Simmons Board.  Fiberglass Hawaii red tint
 Owner:  Daniel Stupar

                                                                  Random shop photo
7.5 marine ply center box fin, 9.0 marine ply Greenough 4-A flex fin and Marine ply thruster set.
These fins are for (3) Larry Mabile boards for Scott Hulet, editor The Surfer's Joutnal
Scott's new road-kit quiver

9.5 x 8.5 raker.  Finnish ply, Fiberglass Hawaii red tint.  This one is for sale at Mitch's North, Solana Beach
9-5 raker for 11' Hobie, T. Martin Legacy model.  Lacewood.  Owner: Chris Tomlin
10.0 pivot fin for Pavel noserider.  Flame maple.  Owner: Steve Schirmacher

Box floor stand for 8'-10" Dick Brewer, koa alaia.  Figured teak, inlaid redwood burl and flame maple.
Owner:  Luke Brown

Christopher Tomlin with his matching, 10'5" and 10'7" Christenson noseriders
(can you say...."board envy"?)

Quad set for T. Martin fish.   Finnish ply with figured koa veneer.  Owner:  Cooper Colins

10.5  noserider fin for Tyler Surfboards (Tyler's template).  Imbuya.  Owner:  Harry Daglas

Tri-fin set.  laminated, ready to glass.  Koa with spalted sapwood koa center ray. 
Ebony and maple pinlines
For Eddie Rice from wife, Jessica.  Eddie is shaping a 5'8" biscuit for these.

Designed and shaped by Michael Allen West.  80's Phil Edwards-esque.....with a moon tail!
9-0 Finnish ply flex fin, Fiberglass Hawaii red tint.  VERY COOL Michael!

Marc Andreini at Sacred Craft 2011, Santa Cruz.  Balsa gun, tapered redwood stringer with noseblock.       J. Cherry,  60's gun template fin (Marc's template).     Curly redwood-heavy bead. 

Ultra-light balsa blank by J. Cherry for a Jeff McCallum 8'0" Simmons.  For a Japan client.
T-band stringer 1/16" cedar-1/16" Peruvian walnut-1/16"cedar
NO.........I won't build you a balsa blank........sorry.

That's it for now folks.  Thanks for waiting and for keeping up with my blog.  I'm still swamped in the shop, but I'll do my best to keep up with the posts.
Aloha to all my friends,   JC