Friday, July 16, 2010

Old Template~New Look

Here she is!
This 9'7" Papaya stick is the 2nd reproduction of the '62 Hobie that I have.
The previous posts show her under construction. With the chambered balsa stringer, the board is amazingly light weight, even with a very sturdy, double-6oz glass job, deck and bottom by Michael Miller. Michael nailed the tint color and the resin pinline colors for me perfectly!

Fin: Figured jatoba (Brazilian cherry)
The tint color photographed accurately. The pinline colors are actually 2-tone purple although they appear blue in the photographs.
This one is for sale.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Marketing Ploy?

I have often said, "The only thing that looks better on a slammed Harley than any chick." I thought this Yellow, 5'10" Simm-21 was one of the prettiest Simms of the 20 or so that I have done. Under Andrea Siedsma's just got way better! Andrea is a dedicated surfer and a professional journalist. In this photo it's ready for it's first coat of wax and a maiden voyage (no pun intended). Andrea's 1st session board report; She loves it!
In this photo: Andrea's 5-10 next to a custom 6-6 for Keith Campbell in Georgia.
This was originally made as a "spec board", I just wanted to do a Simm-21 in the shorter range and pass it around to a few test pilots for feed-back. But Danny Partch (Andrea's guy) decided it should be Andrea's. S0 Danny cruised down to The Surfy Surfy shop and snagged it for her.
I'm not sure which one is luckier. Aloha Andrea and Danny Boy,

Friday, July 2, 2010

9-7 Pig for Bobby Donnelly

This 9-7 Pig looks like it came out of a professional shaping bay. it did, Mine.
But I didn't shape it. This is Bobby Donnelly's 1st shape (really).

Bobby and I laid out the template. Then after a few instructions and some dry passes with the planer, I turned him loose on it. With a minimum of verbal assistance throughout the process, this is what he shaped. Glassing: Michael Miller
We took a few modern liberties with the rocker, keeping the nose low and lifting the tail a tad.
Bobby likes the tip time, so he did a super subtle concave under the nose.
I made this balsa (main wood), agave (dark points) and foam Reverse "D" fin a while back.
I knew it would find the right home. I was stoked to give it to Bobby for his first shaped board.
Board report from Bobby after the first session; A SUPERB RIDER. Good job Big D!!