Saturday, June 30, 2012

Too Busy to Blog (until now ~ Recent Work

9'2" Modern Pig for Mike Lim in Singapor 
Mike requested an early 60's pig template....With a step-deck, some subtle concave under the nose and a little extra tail rocker.  If he had been here in the states, I would have looked at him like he had three eyes when he put in that request (like breeding apples and oranges).  But....It turned out soooo COOL.
 1-14" to 3/8" tapered stringer

 Tail block:  Peruvian walnut, maple and cedar.

Mike christened her "Marine".  He has a secret point breat in Bali where he anticipates some 300 yard nose perches on her.

For Johnny Martin in Hawaii.
Solid Purpleheart wood with angel-wing clam shell inlay both sides.  The Iron cross ties in with the logo design of the Primo Beer fabric which is laminated on the deck of his longboard.

New 7'2" Simm-21 for Warren Canada in Florida.  This is his 2nd Simm-21 from me.  He came up with a beautiful color concept around his chambered balsa stringer, Black and White, Ebony and Ivory.  

 Fins:  Macassar Ebony and white Holly.

 Ultra-light balsa, chambered for still less weight.
 Ready for glue-up.

Glossed, ready to polish.

8.5" msrine ply box fin for Thomass Campbell.  Frye flex template.

10' balsa and redwood blank I built for Hobie.  This is the last board my brother in law, the late, great Terry Martin shaped.  It will soon be hanging in Hobie's main store in Dana Point.  Go Check it out!

L to R;     T. Martin, John Cherry,  Christopher Tomlin at the old Hobie Factory with T's hot curl, ready to be finished with a secrest formula varnish and a tough epoxy overcoat to protect the balsa.....No glass.

Early 60's Velzey template D fin.  This one is for a pig model shaped by Steve Mast.
Woods: African Mahogany, birds-eye maple, Peruvian walnut pin lines.

Simm-21 set:  Figured Sapele veneer over Finnish birch marine plywood.

Macassar ebony s/f keel from Simm-21 set

For Mike Hynson:  Redwood burl and flame maple Dol-Fins for balsa and redwood guns.

Simm-21 set;  Quilted maple over parota.  Ready to laminate.

Simm-21 sets; L, figured teak over Peruvian Walnut.  R, flame koa veneer over Baltic birch marine plywood.

Hand-drawn Simm-21 lam for Akimasa's black opaque 5'10" Simm-21.  Headed for Japan.

Bruce Cochrane's 9'-2" Simm-21, a 50th birthday present form wife, Chelsea.
Cool Birthday present!  Bruce also rides one of my 8'0" Simms.

Frey template, glass-on, built by yours truly, foiled by Danny Partch, ready to glass.
Woods: Koa, Sapwood koa Peruvian walnut and maple pinlines.