Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hey China!......KISS MY A*#%!!

Smash-Ball paddle set for the Collins family. Purpleheart veneer over top-grade Finnish plywood.

Flame maple through and through inlays.

Phillipine mahogany handles with purpleheart and maple pinlines with leather wrist thongs.
Cooper Collins, for whom I have done a few groovy fins sets to go on his Terry Martin fish and quads, brought me a dilapidated set of smashball paddles, made in China (Bastards!!).

The plywood was chipped and delaminating and the plastic handles had fallen off of one of the two. He wanted to know if I could make him a better set (hee hee heee). These are what I came up with; high-grade aircraft plywood, dense, exotic wood veneer, hardwood handles and leather wrist thongs. They have a 3-step furniture grade finish. they are glued up with high-tech, water-proof wood glue. The wood will break before the glue bond will. BULLET PROOF!

The handles melt into the shape of your hand and they have a superb balance. They will last forever (almost) and they will look cool hanging on young Conrad's bedroom wall when they are not at the beach. The price for a similar pair would be $275 if anyone is interested.

It shouldn't be too difficult to draw the parallels between the smash-ball paddles and Chinese surfboards..................Know what I mean?

Aloha, JC

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New BNR (balsa noserider) for Francesco From John Cherry and Terry Martin

Francesco's Balsa Nose Rider clamped up, ready for first glue-up. The red circles indicate where the board will be spot glued so it can be taken apart and chambered after rough shaping.

The BNR rough shaped by T Martin at Hobie. Ready to take apart and chamber.
Weight at this stage: 33lbs

FD's BNR in JC's shop, chambered by JC. Ready to re-glue and finish shape.

T. Martin finish-shaping FD's BNR in his home shaping bay in San Clemente, CA.

Hobie's head shaper, Terry Martin with FD's finished shape. Finished weight: 16.5 lbs

J. Cherry pivot fin for FD's BNR; African mahogany, flame maple, Peruvian walnut.

FD's BNR in the laminating room at Moonlight Glassing, waiting for a rudder.

Francesco setting up the "Balsa Blade" for a little tube excursion. near Bari, Italy.

Francesco DiTommaso, near Bari Italy, setting up for a nose glide across an empty section on the 10-0 "B B" that I built and shaped for him in the summer of '08.
See you this summer!

Aloha Grasshopper.