Monday, November 29, 2010

Recent Fins

Tri-fin set for an 11'0" Skip Frye Glider.  Owner;  Luke Brown
Wood burn art on birch plywood.  Woods;  Ash Burl over figured bubinga over 1/4" Finnish Plywood.

Tri-fin set for 11-0 Pavel,  fish-simmons.  owner; "Big Steve" Shirmacher.
solid flame maple.
 Rising Sun, "D" fin for a Weber classic longboard.  Owner;  Scott Johansson
woods: African walnut and flame maple.

Tyler Olson's 2nd Commerative Board

T.O. just picked up the 9-0 longboard that commemorates the birth of his second son.   Tyler will ride these occasionally, but his main goal is to pass each of these on, in great condition, to his boys when they are old enough to surf.    Board #1 is 9'4" glassed in volan.  Board #2 is 9'0" glassed in standard cloth.

Aloha Tyler