Thursday, February 26, 2009

Manta Ray Inlay

Burce Cochrane requested an exotic-wood inlay of a manta ray on the deck of the 9-0 bonzer I just finished shaping for him. We aim to please! Check out the incredible quilted grain on this one. approx. 6"x8"

Australia-bound hang-ups

These custom racks are headed to John Atwill in Australia. One set will cradle a favorite Tom Wegener 10-0 longboard. The other?? Hmmmmm.
woods; African mahogany and figured maple.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Holly's Hull

I was pleased to be invited to build the rudder for this incredible, hull-inspired, 9-0 round-pintail. The board was shaped by Steve Mast for Holly Yang, her winter board.
Thank you both. J.C.

Hullacious curves in Steve Mast's shaping bay

Holly, Steve, the new 9-0 on "The Hill" in Encinitas. Delivery day.

single-fin, concaves, wet sand.

J, Cherry 8.75" flex template.
Woods: African mahogany, Indonesian Narra, Flame maple, Peruvian walnut, with maple, cedar and purpleheart pinlines.
Holly Yang, new board, sunset........................Happy camper.
Aloha Holly, J.C.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Glass-on, framed-art and Box fins

Framed fin for Bruce Cochrane.
Primavera background. Inlaid manatee; flame maple, narra, Brazilian walnut.

Glass-on Reverse "D" template for Terry Martin longboard. Owner: Alex Johnston
Bacote, flame maple, Peruvian walnut and maple pinlines.

9.75" "Zeke" template Glass-on for Tyler Surfboards. Owner Kevin Ho, Honolulu, HI
Peruvian walnut, narra, redwood with maple pinlines.

9.5" box fin for Charlie English, North Carolina. Flame maple with lace sycamore and zircote checkerboard pattern. Probably headed for a Greg Eavey longboard.

8-0, 21st Century, Simmons interpretation

This board was originally ordered by a friend in N. Carolina. He had ridden a 7'4" board of Corky Carrols when he was in Cabo. He said Corky's twin fin looked like a longboard with the back half cut off...but it was fun to ride. He had also just read TSJ's article about RK, Bauguess and the min-simms. We talked about what else he wanted in the board and I ordered a 9-3Y blank with some x-tra nose rocker so I could take the 8-0 template out of it and still have a little rocker.
When he found out how much it cost to ship the board to the east coast he changed his mind.
No Biggy.....but by that time I was too interested in the board to let it go. I went ahead and made this Simmons-ish 8'0" for myself to ride. It has a transitional rail, hard up-rail nose to hard down-rail tail like the original simmons and a wide round-diamond tail. The rest is pretty modern. It has a single-into double bottom. It will have a set of single-foil twins and a small center stabilizer fin placed about 2-1/2" up from the tail. The twins + 1 set up is out of some really cool redwood lace burl. The board is being glassed with a transparent cranberry tint both sides, at Moonlight Glassing of course. I'll keep ya posted.